For a limited time, (March 15, 2018- September 15, 2018) we will be giving away FREE Omaha Steak Shops Food Items.

With the purchase of ANY Renaissance Cooking Systems grill, you will receive a free Omaha Steak Shops gift certificate where you may choose one of the collections above of in succulent steaks, hamburgers, gourmet hot dogs, etc.

Please fill out the form below and upload a copy of your sales receipt for your gas grill and we will email your on-line gift certificate for you to make your package selection. In a few days your gourmet package will arrive, sent straight to your door.

Haven't purchased an RCS grill yet? Click here to see the Grills and click here for your closest RCS Dealer.

(Not valid with any other sale or promotion)

Please allow us 5 business days to email you a gift card number via your email address provided above.